Individual IT solutions

We develop with you an individual software solution based on web technologies, so that they can be operated on the Internet or internal network (Intranet) and can be used on the most common end devices (desktop, tablet etc.) can be used.

Individual examples:

  • Support of the quality management
  • Processing of registrations & payments
  • Support of process & workflows

Optimise workflows

Together we digitalize your process, away from paper forms to an IT solution that makes your workflows more efficient.

Improve customer experiences

Give your business partners access to special content via a dedicated customer portal and offer them added value.

Organize events

Our solutions support you in the organisation of events, from registration to administration and handling.

Making processes visible

Use our solutions to make your processes (e.g. in quality management) easy to understand for everyone involved.

Training and appointment management

Organize trainings or other dates / bookings via an individual solution, suitable for you.

Complex project management

Extensive projects with different users, roles and authorizations can be mapped helpfully in IT solutions.

Organize payments & invoices

Via a web portal, customers can easily make online payments, e.g. to register for an event.

Association and member administration

Manage members of an association and support other organizational tasks with an IT solution.

Arrange competitions

Accept applications for competitions and let the jury make a digital evaluation.

Manage fundraising activities

Support your fundraising by managing donors for meaningful tracking.