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Lukas & Markus - Founder of MIRQIDO

We got to know each other during our schooldays in a robot club and in 2010 we started our own business together for the first time. We both have over ten years experience in the field of web development and are now going with MIRQIDO again together as entrepreneurs. We both have a degree in computer science and complement us furthermore in our different technical and business knowledge & skills.

Picture of Lukas Plümper
Lukas Plümper (29)

Lukas has completed a dual course of study in the field of software technology at the FH Dortmund and in a large IT company in Dortmund and gained practical experience in the IT environment during this time. For customers in the Sauerland region and for the World Robot Olympiad in Lukas has already developed and supported various event, IT and intranet solutions in Germany and supports these to this day. He is the expert for all technical questions and is enthusiastic about new IT problems and their solutions.

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+49 176/98331332


Picture of Markus Fleige
Markus Fleige (32)

Markus first studied business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and then at the FernUni-Hagen. First steps in web development he already did in his private life in 2006 and continued to expand it. Through his participation in the World Robot Olympiad in Germany and on an international level he has gained experience in project and event management. Markus is always enthusiastic about new ideas and optimization of processes and is therefore happy about tasks in the area of business development.

Contact Markus by e-mail
+49 176/21110153


developing your way

What does MIRQIDO stand for?

The topic of robot competitions has accompanied us since our school days. We ourselves took part in competitions and after our school days we founded the association TECHNIK BEGEISTERT e.V. together with friends. With this association we have been organizing the international robot competition of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in Germany for many years. A big highlight in 2021, our organization will host the WRO World Final in November 2021 in Germany.

MIRQIDO stands for some of the countries we visited together during the WRO competitions in the last years (Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Qatar and India) as well as for the place where we both studied and where the WRO World Final will be held in 2021 (Dortmund = DO). In the end it is a made-up word, which we like in form and sound in a special way.

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